PURLINE flooring for commercial spaces

Healthy and Sustainable
Flooring for Commercial Buildings


Hospitals are amongst the most demanding environments for many building materials, especially flooring. PURLINE flooring provides robust performance in demanding healthcare environments from surgical suites and NICU to patient rooms and waiting areas.

Exceptionally durable, PURLINE is wear-resistant and endures endless foot traffic and heavy rolling loads.

PURLINE is easy to clean and disinfect, and therefore, satisfies strict hygiene standards.  It is also resistant to staining from common chemicals, cleaning agents, and disinfectants.

PURLINE contributes to cleanliness, infection control, and comfortable settings for medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and senior care facilities, not just for hospitals.

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Nicklaus Children's Hospital — Miami, Florida

PURline flooring for Education


The health and safety of students, staff, and visitors are priorities in school facilities. PURLINE flooring has zero harmful VOCs, is entirely odorless, and presents no health risks to human or environmental health. PURLINE is
exceptionally durable, wear-resistant, and easy and low cost to maintain – ideal for high foot traffic environments.

The extensive palette of PURLINE colors and designs provides infinite artistic possibilities for creating inspiring and comfortable learning environments.


Attractive, clean, and comfortable finishes are essential to positive perceptions in hospitality. PURLINE combines beautiful aesthetics and comfort with extreme durability and simple maintenance – sustainable flooring that sets the stage for delightful customer experiences.

With over 100 vibrant colors, modern patterns, and warm wood designs, PURLINE provides design flexibility to create inviting and impressive hospitable spaces. Whether plank, tile, or roll format, PURLINE is comfortable to stand on and
promotes pleasant room acoustics with a supple surface that softens the noise of footsteps.

PURLINE is wear-resistant to foot traffic, suitcases, and carts, as well as stain-resistant and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about occasional spills.


Flooring for retail spaces must be durable, safe, appealing, and comfortable. PURLINE offers over 100 colors and designs to create the perfect brand aesthetic for every type of retail environment, from boutiques, convenience stores, and pharmacies to showrooms, supermarkets, and more.

Comfortable to stand on and quiet to walk on, PURLINE creates a pleasant environment for staff and customers alike. PURLINE is exceptionally durable and resistant to wear from heavy foot traffic and indentation from carts, furniture, and display racks.


Durable and easy-to-clean flooring is paramount in corporate spaces with daily foot traffic. PURLINE offers comfort and style while providing maximum wear resistance to foot traffic, rolling chairs, and hand trucks.

Whether you choose planks, tiles, or rolls, PURLINE softens footsteps for a quiet and productive work environment.

With over 100 vibrant colors, modern patterns, and warm wood designs, PURLINE provides design flexibility to create beautiful and comfortable working spaces. 

PURLINE Wood XL collection Commercial Plank Flooring